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Regarding personal information protection

HOTEL PAGODA (hereinafter referred to as "the hotel") recognizes the importance of personal information so that everyone can use the hotel with peace of mind, and is implementing the following measures.

■ Handling of personal information
Personal information such as name / address / telephone number that we ask when making a reservation will not be used for purposes other than mailing pamphlets and managing reservations. We also comply with inquiries by fax / e-mail. At the time of check-in, we ask you to fill in the "cash register card (guest list)" based on the Ryokan Business Law, and the personal information written in this is within the scope of the purpose necessary for business such as reservation management. We will use the personal information. It will not be used for any other purpose.

■ Management of retained personal information
The hotel will endeavor to prevent leakage, loss, damage or unauthorized access to the customer's personal information by appropriately managing the acquired personal information of the customer and taking safety measures. .. In addition, the hotel will manage your personal information accurately and up to date.

■ Disclosure of registration information
When a customer makes a request, we will disclose the registration information. In addition, if there is a request that the content is not accurate, we will check the content and add, change, correct or delete the registration information as necessary.

■ About provision to third parties
In principle, we will not provide or disclose the acquired personal information to any third party other than those who have obtained the consent of the customer. However, as stipulated by the Inn Business Law or the Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information, there is a serious and urgent need for customers, our hotel, and third parties when cooperating in investigations based on legal grounds. This is not the case. When we outsource the business, we will oblige it by contract with the outsource so that the acquired personal information will not be leaked or re-provided, and we will manage it appropriately.

■ Handling of personal information on this site
By respecting the privacy of users (hereinafter referred to as "users") on our website and taking appropriate protection and safety measures for all personal information acquired through our website, leakage, loss, etc. We will endeavor to prevent damage and unauthorized access to such personal information.

■ About the use of cookies
Cookies are data that is transferred from a website to an individual user's hard disk drive for recording purposes. By using cookies, you can improve the convenience of users and understand their behavior within the website. We may collect information using cookies for the purpose of evaluating, improving, collecting reference materials for updates, and improving user convenience. However, we never use cookies to record passwords or credit card information. Users can refuse to accept cookies at any time by setting their Internet browsing software (browser), but most browsers are set to accept cookies by default. He is responsible for setting the method of receiving cookies and the level of refusal by the user himself. However, please note that without cookies, the services of our official website may not function properly or the reaction speed may be significantly slowed down.

■ About the scope of responsibility of the privacy policy on this site
We consider it very important to ensure the security of all personally identifiable user-related information, and personal information sent from your computer to our web server. We take great care when receiving data, but unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee 100% secure data transmission and reception via the Internet. We cannot guarantee the security of the information that users send at their own risk or that they receive through our online services. By using this site, you are deemed to have agreed to our privacy policy. We also reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy as necessary.

■ About legal compliance
The hotel will comply with applicable laws and norms regarding the personal information it holds, and will review and improve the efforts in each of the above items as appropriate.

August 01, 2014

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