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NARA was once the capital of Japan and is even older than Kyoto. When Nara was at its peak, 1,200 years ago, it was spread out over a much larger area than it is today. Many of the magnificent palaces and temples have disappeared, but some structures remain in their original scenic surroundings and are wonderfully preserved as museums.

Nara Deer


Our place is close to Nara park and famous Kofukuji Temple. Restaurants and dining are just around the corner.

You’ll love our place because of the location where in you can find famous deer that are just walking around the streets.

Hotel Pagoda is good for couples, solo adventurers, business travelers, and even families.


We have different kinds of rooms good for single occupancy, couple, group of friends and families.

You can choose your room from our Single/Double Bedrooms, Twin Bedrooms , or Dormitory Type of Rooms

Hotel Pagoda Room


Hotel Pagoda x 

Let’s fully enjoy the ancient Nara city wearing a beautiful yukata.Choose from 100 yukatas and we will help you to coordinate it.

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